St Mary’s Youth Club


The Club is established in order to promote, without distinction of sex, race, political, religious or other
opinion, the advancement of education, personal development, health and wellbeing of children and young people; so
that they may achieve their full potential as individuals and members of society with a view to their conditions
of life improving.

We shall strive to achieve this by:

1. Providing a programme of activities, both indoor and outdoor.
2. Catering for a wide range of educational, leisure, recreational and sporting activities.
3. Providing information, guidance and support to all the young people of the area, whether members or not.
4. Emphasising the spiritual side of personal development as an intrinsic element of the community in
which we live. A major component of this will be the inclusion of a cross-community initiative.
5. Developing and promoting a comprehensive health education programme for the centre.
6. Providing a forum for the discussion of social issues.
7. Promoting community awareness, development and activity.
8. Providing an activity and training programme for the young unemployed of the area.
9. Providing access for those with disabilities too as wide a range of activities as possible.
10. Ensuring that all members of staff are trained to achieve these aims